Are you going to Heaven (see a glimpse) ?-Two Question Test Reveals Answer

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Do You Believe That You Will Go To Heaven When You Die?

- NO

Why Do You Believe This?

- I've tried to keep the 10 Commandments - I go to Church
- I believe in God
- I'm basically a good person
- I've done the best I could
- I've never hurt anyone
- Other ________________

This may surprise you, but according to the Bible, NONE of the answers on the previous page will get someone into heaven. If you checked "Other" and put Jesus in the blank you passed the test and are on your way to heaven

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*see Bible

Let's say you died today, do you know if you are going to Heaven? Ok, not convincing enough for you? What happen if you were along the coast during the Asian Tsunami in 2004? What about if you were in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, or any of the three planes during 9/11? Ok, here is more of a likely unfortunate reality-a car accident, cancer, or dying of natural causes?


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